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Updated 2009

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You are obviously ready to take your eBay buying and

selling to the next level and I commend you for that.
Now, this system works and can make you money,
how much is only determined by the amount of time
and energy you invest in it. I can show you this
system and you could never look at it again.....or you
could use this system right away and start finding
some great items at unbeatable prices!
Ok enough talk - Lets get started!
Ok here are the 3 simple steps to making more
money today. You paid £1.49 but if you cannot make
that back with one resold misspelled item.....there is
something wrong. And I'm not saying that to be
sarcastic.....it is very easy to find £10, £20, £30 and
£40 profit items daily. Lets get started!!

Step 1
Bargainchecker.com is ONE of the search engines
that I use. Use it as often and as many times as you
wish. Its fun and free! Simply type in the correct spelling of a "popular" search word. For example type
in Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger clothing is very popular).
We have set this page up so that it opens in a
separate window. This way you can work from that
window and this page at the same time. Now after
you type in the word and click on "find bargains"
you will see a link appear lower that says view
bargain results from ebay.com. Click on that link
and voila! You will see a return of every single
possible misspelling of that word. Click on the auction
and either place a bid or click on "watch item" and
keep an eye on it until its close to the end.
Here are three other sites with Misspelled Search
Engines. They are all great!

Tip #1- Do not rush to throw a bid in.
Trust me, I learned the hard way. Just watch the item
for a few days and at the end and post your bid,
because to be quite honest there will be some people
besides you that stumble onto the auction. I have
found it to be more successful when I wait and bid at
the end. However if the bidding starts at say £0.99
and nobody has bid I will usually throw a starting bid
of £1.01 out there. The reason I will do this is because if the seller notices that he has misspelled the item he can go and change it or cancel the auction and re-do it.
Does that make sense? I tend to always "watch" the
items until the end of the auction. To "watch" the
items just click on "Watch this item" in the upper right
hand corner of the auction. Now when you go to "My
eBay" at anytime, you will see all of the items you are
watching (maybe 10 maybe 100) and there is an
option ebay gives you to write notes under each item
being watched. This is awesome! Why? Because
after researching what the item (spelled correctly)
goes for on ebay (for researching see step #3) you
can write a little note like "This item averages £110 on
ebay" or "One of these just sold for £55". The reason
the notes are so important is because it lets you
check back before the auction ends and see if the
item has reached top bidding or if it is still within the
range to make you some money. Plus this allows you
to research it once, come back days later to finish up
the auction without having to go research it
again.....you know what you are willing to spend on it!
Tip #2- This tip is very important and available now
through my "trial and error".
Avoid searching too many name brand words such as
"Craftsman" instead search for "Circular" (for circular
saw). The reason this is so important is because if Bob, a Carpenter got on ebay because he needed a
Circular Saw, he is going to put the words Circular
and Saw in. He most likely won't put the word
"Craftsman" in the search box. Some brand names
are good to search though if they are very popular
brand names such as Hilfiger or Gucci, Abercrombie,
etc.....So just remember this and be aware while
doing your searches. Also, one word searches return
better results.
Tip #3 - This tip is for more advanced ebay users.
This tip may be the hardest to explain but I will do my
best! The nice thing about this system is that you do
not need to be an expert when it comes to finding
misspelled items to resell. I know nothing about tools
but find myself buying up tons of tools now due to this
step of the process. This is the "item research" step.
Lets say you type in CAMERA to look for misspelled
cameras that have been listed on eBay. The search
engine returns 100 misspelled cameras. You may not
know a thing about cameras....no worries because
you don't need to know anything! Say one of the
100 cameras is a Sony Cybershot 2.1 Digital
Camera. Simply copy and paste (or write it down if
you cannot copy and paste) the camera's title
description, go to ebay and click on the "Advanced
Search" button in the top right of any ebay page.
Once that page opens up you will paste (or type) the
title description into the box that reads Enter keyword or item number and then MAKE SURE you
check the little box that says Completed Listings
Only. When you hit the search button you will now
know the amount of money that camera has brought
in for its owners. You can sort the results so that you
can put them in order from most to least. This is a
great way to get an "average" price that the camera
goes for (look for the ones in the middle of the pack).
That is how I know if I am willing to pay "X" amount of
money for a misspelled item or not. And doing it this
way is great because you actually don't have to know
squat about the item!
Step 2
Now we will discuss how to automate this a little more
so that you will be receiving email notices every time
someone goes on eBay and lists a misspelled item.
Sounds too good to be true but its right here!
www.MyBaboon.com is a place that most people go if
they have been searching for that hard to find item.
They start a free account with MyBaboon.com and
start getting emails sent to them when MyBaboon has
located a similar item.
Here is their actual business description of what they
What is
search engine that targets specific websites for specific items for specific people. A user can come to mybaboon.com, join the site and start creating searches for the hard to find items that are constantly popping up on various auction, classified & shopping websites. When the search engine finds a new item matching a user’s criteria,MYBABOON will notify them via email with the listing information and a link taking them directly to
the item.Well what I have done is use this service with a slight
twist. I created my free account and set up several
different "Search Preferences". I have one set up for
Sony Playstations and when I set up the search
preferences it asked me "What words do you want us
to search for?". I put in the following words:
Playtsation, Playstaion, Paystation, palystation,
palystaion, playsation, playtation, etc. and MyBaboon
will ask you how you want the information delivered.
Do you want us to notify you daily, weekly or the
second someone lists the item? So I of course chose
to be notified the second it happens. You can have as
many search preferences as you wish. Please email
me or Instant Message me if you have any question
on this part and I will walk you through step by step.
Here is what you do - step by step. You do this once
and you never have to do it again.

Name Your Search: This is where you will call it
something. Example I have a "Playstation" search, a
"DeWalt" search , etc.
Keywords: This is where you will put in the
"misspellings" like hillfigger hillfiger hilfigger
Exclude Words: This is where you will put the actual
correct spelling like hilfiger (the search engine
software will ignore that word since that's not the
returns you are looking for)
Keyword Customisation: Just make sure that the
EXACT KEYWORDS option is checked on this one.
Search Scope: My advice is to choose the TITLE
ONLY option on this one
The rest of the options are completely up to you and
your preferences.
Enjoy – and make loads!!
Put simply, this system is all about buying and selling with
eBay. Now you might be feeling a little let down after
Reading that first sentence. DON’T BE. Because you have
Stumbled across a secret of mine that could make you major
In the past, there have been two ways to make money from
Online auctions. You could have a clear out, go through
All of your old stuff and auction it on eBay and try to make a
Profit from them. Or you could buy a wholesale lot of items,
break them down
And sell them for a buy it now fixed price or by normal
Well, now with this system that has all changed…
If you don’t yet have an eBay account, you will need to open
one to
Us this system. This is free, takes a few minutes
And can be done by typing or copying and pasting this link -
This system can be used with other online auction
Sites, like QXL and other auction sites! (I will give you links
to those sites later),
But to really start making the money you need to be an Ebay
If you are new to eBay and online auctions, take some time
after you’ve
Signed up to get to know the world’s most best auction site
By typing or copying the link below.
Once you have opened an account, you will be ready to start
Bidding and buying on the world’s largest online
marketplace -
And ready to start using this system to make money!
Close your windows. Close every window - except for this one
Currently open on your computer screen.
Once you have done that, click on the ‘text select’ tool at the
Of this document (this lets you copy and paste the links in
Guide) and open a new window and copy and paste this -
Now sign in to your eBay account. If you have your own
Computer it’s a good idea at this point to make eBay your
Page. You will become very familiar with the world’s most
Popular auction site in the days, weeks and months to
Once you’ve signed in, head towards eBay’s search engine at
Top right hand corner of your computer screen. Now click on
Advanced Search. This will take you to a new screen where
Can search for items currently selling on eBay.
Now don’t type anything yet. Instead, just click on Completed
Listings only. Once you’ve done that, a tick will appear. Now
Leave this window like that. You won’t need it until Step
Next, open another window and copy and paste or type this -
If you’re worried that this is going to start getting alltechnical,
don’t be! It doesn’t get much more difficult than this. As I
these are simple instructions!
The free search engine that you have just opened is a
little thing that finds misspelled items on eBay.
Every day, thousands of items are listed on eBay by people
are in a rush and don’t have time to check their listings or by
people who simply don’t know how to spell!
Buyers searching eBay’s pages for a particular item miss
auctions and as a result they often receive fewer bids than
that have been listed correctly.
To see what I mean, first select the eBay site that you wish to
search (for example eBay UK) and then type the word
Panasonic in the Misspell search box and hit ‘Bargain
A new window will open showing the Panasonic items with
misspellings currently selling on eBay.co.uk.
Now have another go. Enter the words Royal Doulton and hit
‘Bargain Search.’ Another window will open showing all of
misspelled Royal Doulton auctions on eBay.
At the time of writing, there are 44 misspelled Panasonic
and 24 Royal Doulton items listed on eBay. You may see
or less, depending on which site you search.
One to two word searches produce the best results and some
items or brand names will bring up more results than others.
There is almost no limit to the number of items you can
for. Here are a just a few to get you started -
Versace Samsung Star Wars Nintendo Armani Dolce
Gabbana Prada Nokia Teletubbies Hitachi Diamond
Camcorder Sharp DVD Player Nintendo Television
Laptop Moschino Barbie Computer Canon Ericsson
Monitor Chandelier Gucci Miss Sixty Sony Vaio Next
Abercrombie Adidas Fuji Casio Hugo Boss Pentax
Harry Potter Electrolux Winnie the Pooh Playstation
After you have read this guide, leave your computer on for a
while. You will probably think of many more items in the
and days to come. As soon as you do, write them down or
back to your computer and conduct another search.
You can look at the most popular searched items by clicking
the link in Items of Interest on the Misspellsearch website.
Items like this are often missed because around 75% of
use eBay’s search engine to find an auction. The only way to
find misspelled items like the ones above is by searching a
or shop or conducting a misspelled item search.
Misspellsearch.com also offer an advanced Power Search
where you can look for correctly listed items as well as
misspellings (this will throw up many more items) and you
search for Buy It Now and Paypal only auctions.
You can also conduct a last minute search, search an auction
description as well as the title and get email notification
an item matching your search appears on eBay (more about
in the Advanced Steps at the end of this guide.)
Use Misspellsearch.com to search 9 different eBay sites,
Google, Froogle and Yahoo’s pages and look for misspelled
items in other online auction sites as well.
Even if you decide not to operate the easy-earn system, use
Misspellsearch the next time you’re looking for a bargain.
remember to type the correct spelling of the item and
Misspellsearch will automatically find the typo for you.
Searching for misspelled items on eBay is a great way to save
money, and as you will discover in the next step, it’s a great
to start making money too.
Misspellsearch isn’t the only search engine available. Here’s
few more (search eBid and QXL using the last link) -
You should now know how to look for a misspelled item on eBay. There’s not much to it - simply bring up a misspelled
search engine and enter the item or brand you are looking
Now I will show you how I make money from these items…
A few minutes ago I typed the word ‘Samsung’ into the
engine of Misspellsearch.com and looked at various
mobile phones selling on eBay. One in particular caught my
- a brand new Samsung D500 model incorrectly listed as a
‘Brand New Sansung D500.’ The auction has about seven
minutes left with bidding up to £134.
Now I don’t know anything about mobile phones, but the
thing about the easy-earn system is that I don’t need to! I
copy the title of the item I am looking at - in this case ‘Brand
New Sansung D500’ - and then I paste it into eBay’s
Search box (this is the window that you opened in Step One.)
I delete the words ‘Brand New’ and change the incorrect
of Sansung D500 so it reads ‘Samsung D500.’ I then conduct
search of eBay’s completed listings. This throws up all of the
Samsung items that have sold on eBay in the past few weeks.
By doing this, I can get an idea of how much a correctly listed
Samsung D500 mobile phone would normally sell for. Right
now, I can see one that sold for £195, another where the
reached £190 and one that sold for a Buy It Now price of
The bidding on the incorrectly listed ‘Sansung’ has just
ended with a final price of £148. Now, had I bought this item and
listed it correctly as a Featured Auction, with a good
description and a good photo, I believe I could have sold this
mobile phone for around £190 - £200.
Allowing for postage costs of £5 and a featured listing fee of
my profit for this item could have been about £30 - £40.
might not seem like much - but that’s just for one item!
It wasn’t long ago that I was working eight hours a day
toilets for £40! Now I can earn it for less than an hour’s work
from buying and selling one misspelled item on eBay!
As I browse other misspelled items currently selling on eBay,
can see a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana men’s jacket - listed as a
‘Dolce Gabbbana’ jacket - which when listed correctly would
believe give me a profit of £20. I can also see a new silver
‘Playstaion’ 2 with games that I think I can make £30 from.
If I buy and then relist these items correctly, I will earn about
£90 from three items and less than two hours work! If I buy
and resell three similar misspelled items every day this week,
will earn £630 in just seven days from now - and that’s
before I
have followed any of the other money making steps outlined
the easy-earn system!
Now I don’t make large profits from every misspelled item
that I
buy and resell on eBay - sometimes my profits amount to just
five pounds or so - and occasionally I will make a loss on an item. But nine times out of ten I can make a good profit
by winning auctions and putting the items back on eBay!
Try looking at a few misspelled items and see how much they
normally sell for on eBay. Enter Nintendo in the search box
Misspellsearch.com and then take a few minutes to look
all of the Nintendo items.
If you find one that looks like it has money making potential,
conduct some pricing research: copy the item title - for
‘Nitendo DS’ - and paste or type it into eBay’s Advanced
box and change the spelling so that it reads ‘Nintendo DS.’
If you didn’t follow the instructions in Step One, you can
eBay’s Advanced Search engine by copying this link and
remembering to sign in and select Completed listings only.
If you don’t find any good Nintendo bargains, try searching
other words or brands like Nokia or Versace or Camcorder -
or just about anything you can think of! It won’t be long until
you find something hidden away that isn’t attracting many
Once you find something that you think can be purchased
relisted, add it to your watch list in My eBay by clicking on
Watch this item (at the top of the item-listing page) and then
wait and see how the bidding goes.
If you are in any doubt as to how profitable buying and
misspelled items on eBay can be, take a look at what the
are saying -“Did you know that on eBay you can probably pick up a
pretty cheap? Or how about some ‘dimonds’ for a great
These and many other misspelled items can be yours…” -
“Many designers have hard-to-spell names. By searching
for a misspelling, you may get a great deal!” - Dummies.com
“There are many items listed on the auction site that sell for
much less than they are really worth because the sellers don't
check their listing's spelling before they post.” - NY Times
It’s not just misspelled items that can be potential money
makers on the world’s most popular auction site - there are
loads of other ways to operate the easy-earn system to start
bringing in the cash!
Using a different User ID, I make hundred of pounds a week
from buying and selling badly listed items.
Now when I say badly listed I’m not talking about the
items we discussed in Steps One to Four (although these are
course badly listed) I mean auctions that are simply listed
There are a ton of auctions on eBay that could be up to a
hundred times better - and the final price up to a hundred
higher - if only the listing was a little better.
But how do you find these items?
First of all, take some time to browse different eBay
This will give you an idea of how much items normally sell
and you will stumble across badly listed items that are not
attracting as many bids as other identical items.Badly listed items are often auctions with no photo, a poor
description, an item that is selling in the wrong category or
auction where the seller hasn’t mentioned in the title exactly
what it is that he or she is selling.
To find a particular item where the seller might not have
mentioned the name of the item in the title, conduct an
Advanced Search using eBay’s search engine and tick the
Search title and description box. This will throw up
auctions other eBayers may have missed.
To find items that have been listed in the wrong categories -
this happens a lot - broaden your search to include different
categories or search All Categories. You can bring up more
accurate results by enclosing key words in quotation marks -
example “Playstation 2” will throw up more accurate results
than Playstation 2.
You can find out more about eBay’s advanced search
by copying this link -
An advanced search engine that can be used to find badly
items is AuctionSieve. Download it and take it for a spin here
Auction Lotwatch is another great search engine that
for items on seven auction sites at the same time.
Just enter the item or brand you are looking for - for
Camcorder - and hit ‘Search.’ Auction Lotwatch will then
search the pages of eBay UK, eBid, Cyberbid, AuctionZone,
Buyit, CQout and QXL for camcorders.Auction Lotwatch also provide a number of useful tools and
features - a misspelled search engine, a system to check if
desired User ID is available, a forum, a free Auction Ad
and a free auction sniper. More about all of these features
Another great place to find a treasure trove of undiscovered
bargains is eBay Shops. A visit to this special area of the
site can unearth mountains of great products that are missed
most eBayers.
Most shops on eBay include inventory items - Buy It Now
that don’t normally appear in search results and categories
eBay. By searching eBay Shops, you get access to millions of
additional items that many eBayers will never find.
To visit eBay Shops, click on the link on the home page or copy and paste this http://stores.ebay.co.uk.
This information is currently been sold on Ebay from £4.99-£19.99 +

We wish you all the best in making an easy income from the internet(and its very easy with the right information)-Please spread the word about this site and any donations are very welcome,theres a Pay Pal Donation link at the side of this page.